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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Sister's Living Room

My sister decided it was time to update her living room. 
If you can't guess, that means I get to help. 
Let's just jump right in and take a look at the room

She has been grateful for these hand-me-down couches, but was ready to buy something that was more her taste. She also felt her corner fireplace was very plain; he once added wood appliques trying to give it a little more character. Although white fireplaces are very popular it wasn't really her style.
She wanted a warm updated look in her living room with plenty of seating. 
With a corner fireplace the furniture arrangement is often a night mare. She was trying to figure out how to get a couch set or a couch and 2-4 chairs to fit. I suggested a sectional. That may seem like that would be worse, but a small sectional would give optimal seating and fit snugly without wasting the corner floor space.
Another sore spot for her was the top of the corner fireplace. It was set all the way back to the corner of the room; too much space for a mantel. Weird problem I know. I suggested adding a wall to bring it forward.
 (This wall was already completed in the first photo

Once she decided on her plan, we went shopping.
She had leftover glass tiles from our botched back splash in the basement, and I had a plan for them.
We took a sample of them with us shopping to help pick out colors and we took photo's of lots of combinations of materials and furniture. Here is just a sampling.

After a few shopping trips she narrowed down her color pallet and choices.
I helped her pick out a paint color; OK it was almost the exact same color that was already on the walls! But a fresh coat of paint does wonders.
Before we could start to put the room back together, she had the carpet replace with wood laminate.

Can't wait to show you how we transform her fireplace!!
Thanks for stopping by.


Gilmer Gal said...

I have one of these really inconvenient corner fireplaces and I just CANNOT like it! Takes up way too much space and mine just eats up the room. The top of the mantle is difficult to decorate. I am so happy to come across this project. Can't wait to see what is next and how you remake the front.

Unknown said...

I have never liked having laminated floors because I thought they might not be durable especially with kids in tow and I feel that carpets are cozy and keep us warm. However, looking at the lovely colour your have chosen might just change my mind about it. I am eager to see what you have done with her fireplace too! Is there more storage created for the seating and what colours? Can't wait!