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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stencils Give-A-Way!

If you think everything in blog world always goes as planned you are soooo wrong!!
 At least in my world the plan changes all the time.
Case in point: You may have noticed in my beautiful bathroom plan the walls were stenciled, but there's not a stenciled wall in the finished photo's.

So you might have guessed I got lazy, but oh how wrong you would be
Let me explain. 
I love it.
I painted the walls a lovely gray and then taped off the first section I wanted to stencil.
Cutting Edge offers the most amazing gadget, a Clip-on Stencil Level. Who ever thought of this is genius. You just slide the level onto the bottom of your stencil and then use it to level your stencil. I just held the stencil in place until the bubble showed level and then pressed down on the tape to secure my stencil. Perfect level stencil every time.

Cutting Edge has lots of great stencil video tutorials you should check out before stenciling.  
Here is a brief over view of what I did. I gathered up my supplies first.

Paper towels
Foam Roller
Paper plate
Painter's Tape
Small stencil brush for the edges

You can use any acrylic or latex paint. I used craft paint, Metallic Pure Gold by Folk Art. 
Start by pouring a little paint on your paper plate.

Lightly roll your roller in the paint, then blot it on the paper towel. Then roll the paint filled roller over the stencil. Just continue repeating these steps until you have covered the entire stencil.
Then you remove the stencil to the next section, line it up, level it and roll.
It turned out beautiful!!
I love the gold on the grey!!

Sound of a record scratching!!
Here is where my plan was not working!!
As beautiful as this wall turned out, I knew it was too much with the shelves and every thing else going on in this space.
So I came up with Plan B.
I painted over my beautiful gold stencil.
(Yes, that was hard!!)
I then went to the hall leading to this bathroom and proceeded to stencil that whole wall!!
I used the same technique and let me tell you, the provided level was wonderful with that large wall!
I changed colors this time; the wall started out white and I painted the stencil with left over paint from Ashlee's room.  It's Autumn Haze by Gliden.
A large wall takes a little patience and time: level, place stencil, roll, move, level, place stencil, roll, move,...  You get the idea.

But check out this hall wall before and after!!

I love what the hall wall adds to the view from the bathroom. It really compliments the bathroom, giving it depth and character.

What do you think? 
This whole wall took less than a day to stencil.
I love it so much I'm planing on repeating this stencil in the mud room!! 
Stay tune for that!

Stencils are an easy way to update and refresh a space, and for much less than wallpaper!
I wanted to share my excitement, so one of you gets a free stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.
That's awesome!!
Cutting Edge Stencils is giving one of my readers one stencil of any value up to $50 for US residents only.  The winner can choose the stencil of their choice from their website with not shipping charges. 


Dharma said...

I used a Cutting Edge Stencil (Morrocan)to do a statement wall in the master bedroom. Wish I'd had that darn level now :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful!! Would really enjoy using this stencil...you make it look so easy!

Dianna F said...

Love the stenciled wall!

Susan @ SunflowerHugs said...

I like the birch forest all over stencil!

Juli-Anne said...

I love the fish school stencil - so different!

Jessica said...

I love the way this wall looks! I was admiring it on New Year's Eve.

I like the Serenity Allover Stencil. That would be fun to use to dress up my new house.

Jean Franks Beck said...

Your bathroom turned out gorgeous! I love the Anna Damask stencil at Cutting Edge - I've been wanted to wallpaper my dining room in a gray damask, but the stencil is soooooo much more economical!

sydney85 said...

Your stencil work is wonderful and really makes a huge difference . I would pick the Serenity stencil also for my hallway.

Jill said...

To choose just one is awfully hard but I want to paint my small bathroom in Naval by Sherwin Williams. I think the TAMARA TRELLIS ALLOVER STENCIL painted in bright white would be a pretty - kind of nautical but not in your face - stencil!

decorgirly said...

I love the stencil!

Kim Leuty said...

I love the Tribal Arrow Allover Stencil! The Bricks Allover Stencil shows is pretty cool too. Love your hallway!

Dianna F said...

Love the stenciled wall!

Emma said...

Wow! You did a great job! I did notice the missing stencil from your before drawing. 🙂 The stencil on the hallway is so fun and unexpected.

S.P. Bowers said...

Wow, that was super hard to choose. I think I want the Japanese maple branch.

Heather said...

Your wall turned out beautiful!! That little level looks like a life saver.

Unknown said...

I recently found your blog. You are inspiring the way you diy! Anne

Jen said...

I've been going back and forth on a small laundry room wall that needs something. I don't know if I should wallpaper or stencil. Thanks for showing your stencil experience. Now I understand a bit better.

missktown said...

Love they way your wall looks Thanks for the inspiration. It looks easy to do!

Unknown said...

I really like the stencil you used... simple but pretty!

Katrina Mick said...

I love the wall!! It looks amazing! I would love to see more of the wedding... I also would love to know if you have some great ideas for young womens. I love the mining theme.

Unknown said...

Love the birds and butterflies stencil! Your hallway looks amazing!