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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My Sister's Living Room - Valance

Next project for my sister's living room were the window treatments.
Due to the fact that the couch would be placed under the window, and personal preference, 
(she is not a long curtain fan like me,)
we decided to create a valance instead of curtains. 
Fabric provides softness and color to the space as well as a great way to inject some pattern.
The project was really quite simple. 
 We had a giant piece of foam core from another project so decided to use it for this project. We wanted the valance to reach to the ceiling, so we measured a few inches below the top of the window to the ceiling and then the width. We added four inches to the width so we could have a return of 2 inches in each side. Cut out a rectangle from these two measurements, ours was 16" tall by 57" wide. We scored the ends and bent the foam on each end to create a return.  Just used duct tape to secure the corners. Then cut a few layers of batting and secured them with spray glue and tape on the back.

For the fabric on the valance we used a gold brocade with two strips of blue velvet sewed to each edge. We pulled it over the layers of batting and secured it on the back with short staples. We were careful to stretch it smooth as we were attaching it. For the last step we added brass nail heads. They pushed easily into the foam. We put a 1x2 under the valance for support while adding the nail heads. To get even placement I created a guide by marking off dots equal distances apart on a strip of card stock. I lined it up on the edge of the blue fabric and pushed the nails in about half way. Then I pulled the card stock pattern out. This will rip little lines in the card stock pattern from the dots to the top of the pattern the first time. Just place the pattern over for your next section and repeat with new nails. Make sure to go back and finish pushing in the nail heads. 

To install this valance we cut a 1x2 to length and mounted it with two or three "L" brackets, depending on how side your valance is. 

With my pin nailer loaded with staples we stapled it to the 1x2. We were careful to line everything up so that our staples were in line with the nail head trim. By temporarily removing a few nail heads we could attache the staples and then cover them by pushing the nail heads over the staples.

Very clean and simple. 
We made a matching one for the kitchen because these two rooms are open to each other. The kitchen was was only 41 inches wide.
What do you think?  
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Emma said...

The valences look great! I love the contrasting fabric and nail head trim. Your sister is lucky to have you.

Unknown said...

Great post! The fabric looks great! I wish my sister would help me :(
Delores Ensley