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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My life in Beautiful Photography!

You might remember that I recently updated the look of my blog, I've had help from wonderful family and friends. 
 My son Jaysen has helped me sooooo much, but another piece of the pie was updating my personal photo. 
I loath pictures of me. 
When I get photo's taken I always get them back, and think, 
"Is that what I look like to other people?"
Kinda makes me cringe.
I did not miss any type of calling as a model, because I am not comfortable in front of the camera.
Soooo, the idea of getting new pictures taken of me was daunting to say the least.
I have a friend, Jennifer Staniforth, who takes amazing pictures; really here are are two of her favorite photos.

 Love them, so I asked her if she would take some of me. And I am sooo glad I did.
First off, she made me feel like I was a model, like I was the most beautiful lady in the world. 
Thanks Jen, I needed to feel pretty.
But the best part was when I saw the finished pictures!
I actually liked them; no I loved them. 
She captured my personality as well as my image.
I have never been prouder of those grey highlights in my hair, 'cause my hair looked fabulous.
(That doesn't happen often.)
OK, I just want to show you. 

What do you think?
She is amazing.

OK, if you are not totally smitten with her work I am going to show you more.
 In January my son Austin got married and the kids
 had Jennifer as their photographer. 
I have had some requests to see more of the wedding, so this is perfect. Here is a snippet of the photo's she took. Let's start with the formals. I love the snow dusted trees in the background. Oh, and I love these kids!!
Aren't they a super cute couple?

Here are some that were taking on the temple grounds just after the ceremony, .
She really captured the moment.

I love these of the wedding party. 
My girls were so pleased to be asked to be Malissa's brides maids, and all my boys were grooms men. I helped my new daughter-in-law make this gorgeous winter bouquet from silk flowers. 
Bet you couldn't tell!

OK, no judging how weird and crazy we may be when we suggested the boys take their shirts off for some fun pictures.
 (Did I mention it was super cold!!)
They boys had so much fun and Jennifer caught it all on camera!!
It was such a fun day. 
OK, back to this marvelous photographer, Jennifer.  
I am super pleased with all her work and you couldn't work with a kinder sweeter person.
Here is one more of her favorite pictures.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my life via lovely photography!
 I bet you are wondering how to get Jennifer to take your next family pictures, or wedding, or senior pictures. If you are in, or close to, the Salt Lake Valley shoot her an e-mail at jenniferstaniforth@gmail.com. 
Tell her you are coming from BatchelorsWay and she will give you 15% off!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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