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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Basement Family Room - It starts!!

Finally, a post about our next project. 
I know you think I have been just sitting around.
But I never really do that.
We have been working on our next project......

Our basement was totally unfinished when we bought our house, but the funny thing was we needed the space the moment we moved in. All four boys started out in one room upstairs with two mattresses on the floor and a set of bunk beds. We started finishing the basement one room at a time; Bedrooms,

 then storage rooms and a bathroom.

We have used the family room with cement walls and floor for about seven years.
TV watching required a blanket to fight off the cold during the winter.
That actually wasn't the worst part, the mess was the worst. We had costumes stored in there and boxes of books, photo albums and various stuff. The kids kind of left trash and crap every where, there was no real home for anything. And pretty much any thing we didn't know what to do with got shoved in the basement. Please tell me somebody else has an unfinished space like this!
OK I am just going to show you, but don't judge!!
It is bad!!!!

Where do we go from here?
Stay tune and I will show you our plan!!

Hope you are excited to see how this baby turns out.
Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you should see our garage. Ten times worse! LOL

Unknown said...

I was just wondering what to do with my basement and you gave me a great idea. Thanks!

Unknown said...

The basement has many purposes and apart from the common transformation for storage, a family room is a perfect spot for everyone to spend quality family time to bond and get cozy.