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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Vlogger and Blogger!!

You guys are the greatest!
Last time I asked for you to help me out by following my Instagram page.
 Many of you did. In fact, many of you started an Instagram account just to help me out!!
You guys Rock!!
If you didn't, don't worry, I haven't reached the number we need yet to pitch the book.
I still need you to go over to Instagram and "follow" BatchelorsWay and get your family and friends to do the same!!
I only have one more week to get my numbers up!

Sharing my ideas and knowledge here on my blog and hopefully in a book should be enough, right? Well.....
I was thinking videos would also be a great platform to share my knowledge.
I started a YouTube Channel or a Vlog.
You may have noticed the Subscribe button on the side bar.
I am officially kicking off my Youtube channel here!!
(Drum roll or applause.)
I am excited to take you along as I talk about our projects, give pointers, go shopping, and build!!
I have a few videos up and running and I wanted to tell you so you could check them out.
I will post many of the videos here on the blog, but not all of them.
So with out further adieu, here is my first video.

Tell me what you think, but be kind. 
I have the hardest time watching myself. 

Thanks for being the best!!

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