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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Basement Family Room - A place to put the Costumes - Storage Options

Before we could start the basement we had to clean it up.
 I showed you that in a video, but where did we put it all?
 some stuff we gave away, some we threw away, and almost everything else went into Jaysen's old room since he had graduated and moved out.
Seriously his room is packed floor to ceiling, but it is only temporary.
We did have to find a permanent storage place for our costumes though.
If you've been following me for very long, you know we like to dress up!
We have a large collections of costumes we use and loan out, so we had to figure out where to put it all.
Watch the video to find out!!


Jen said...

I love how you incorporated the light near the costumes, and the little detail of the hook outside the closet. It's always smart to begin with the end in mind!

dee dee said...

You rock!!!!!! BTW- my family is a huge fan of FaceOff and your son's mask are better than most I have seen on the show!

Unknown said...

Great idea! Unfortunately, I don't have a basement... My apartment is so small and I have a lot of clothes and costumes... I always put them in bags and at the end of the day I have them rumpled and not very clean :(

Unknown said...

Proper storage is important regardless of the type of items that we wish to store. This is the only factor that will ensure our things do not get damaged or deteriorated.