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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Basement Family Room - What to do with with that great deal.

Pre-post Message:
You may have noticed a new page on BatchelorsWay.com called Aaron Thomas Store. If you are local to the Salt Lake Valley or close by check it out. It has furniture and other items I have recovered or otherwise re-invented and put up for sale. If you want a one of a kind piece go check it out and share it with friends. Come back often as I will continually add pieces to the store!
OK, back to our regularly scheduled post!

Today I wanted to talk about what we do with things we buy for a project, but aren't ready to install yet. We often find deals on building materials before we need it, but if we want to save money we have to buy it right then. The only problem is that you have to store it. If it is a big item this can be really challenging. Here is a solution that just might work for you. Making storage that can even help create a work bench for you!!

I hope this helps. Grab some casters and have fun!!
Thanks for stopping by.

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dee dee said...

Such a smart solution! Love it!