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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Basement Family room - Fireplace design and Install

I am back with the continuing story of our gas fireplace.
Our video shows you our story, but I must say, installing a gas fireplace is not for a novice DIYer. 
It's difficult and there's really nothing on the internet to help you with the process. 
I'm guessing no one wants to be responsible for your house blowing up!
This may be something you want to get a professional to do!!
Here is our story!

I have had requests to share with you more about how much things cost. 
Used fireplaces go for $100 at our local ReStore, and usually about $100 or more in our local classifieds.
The venting was the most expensive part and we bought a fan/blower because ours didn't come with one. 
All together including a flex gas line, our fireplace ended up costing us $965. We were quoted $2300 to have a very basic fireplace install, purchased from a dealer, so we saved about $1300. Not only do we have a much nicer model than we could have afforded new, but we know it was installed correctly too.  I'm afraid the 'professional' installer may have just cut through our floor joist.
So I am happy.
We are moving right along. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for the latest updates and sneak peaks of the basement!!

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