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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hello? Anyone there? I'm back with the Basement!!

I know it has been super long since I have posted.
This back to school season just kicked my butt!!
I have been slaving away on the basement among a hundred other things.
We replaced our dead car, and trying to get back into the grove of things.
 So today here is just a few little projects that we have done that are just getting us closer to our end goal.
We built a small wall to finish off the end cap of our built ins. Then after much discussion, figured out how to mount our kids gaming TV, and make a electronic chase for wires to run from the back of the TV to the play station. All that is covered in this video!!

Then we were finally ready for drywall!!
Totally heard angels singing on that one!!

If you follow me, you know that my nephews are giants. Between my older boys and my nephews they range in height from six feet to six foot ten. I figured dry-walling the ceiling would be much easier with giants. So we had a dry wall party one Saturday. 

All my kids, including the married ones, all my nephews and my sister and brother-in-law came. We actually finished the ceiling and half of the walls.
For a family activity our four youngest kids helped us finish installing the rest of the drywall.
They are pretty darn good workers!!

Here is a short video showing the whole process!

So excited to be moving on!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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Emma said...

It is awesome you had so much help with the drywall. Your basement is looking very nice. We are finishing our attic into 2 bedrooms and are at the drywall stage. Argh we have angled ceilings throughout, it testing our brains to get the drywall cut right. Lol Thanks for sharing.