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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Basement - More Detail and the Great Disaster!

Good morning!
I was so excited yesterday to be ahead of the game!
I had finished editing my video for this week and was ready to write this post.
That's when my computer froze up!
Nothing would work.
So I turned it off like most of us would,
it never came back on.
I called my tech guy who thought it a simple fix, until he got here and looked and looked at it.
He took the computer apart and checked all the cables and connections and put it back together multiply times.
The verdict?
My hard drive went out!!
It is not even a year old, there are not signs of electrical damage.
Just went out!
The best part is I didn't have enough money at the time I bought the computer so I didn't have a back up yet!
So enjoy this last video I made cause it may be the last for awhile.
All my most recent video clips and photo's of the basement are gone!
Here is the hope, 
that the hard drive was defective. That the manufacturer will replace it and recover my data. 
Otherwise there is just going to be a big divide between the video journey of our basement!!

Well enjoy this final video for now.
 Please be patient as I am using an others computer for this post.
There may not be any posts  for awhile as I try to get this sorted  out!!
Now excuse me as I will be drowning my sorrows at my favorite thrift store DI!

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