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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Update on the Basement!

I have more on the basement!!
Let's start with the craft/game area built-ins.
I wanted this built in to store a microwave to pop popcorn for movies and game night. It also needed to store the popcorn, wrapping paper and gift wrapping supplies as well as art supplies.  We found three base bathroom cabinets that fit the space perfectly at the Restore for $10 each. I didn't want them two feet deep so we cut the the back off making them 16 inches deep then added a 3/4 inch thick MDF board for the counter top. By now we had used up most of our larger scrapes of wood , so we scoured the classifieds until we found a free oak entertainment center!!
You can't beat free plywood!
We took it apart and used it to create the top hutch portion of this built in. 
I ran out of MDF and had to purchase some to finish the trim.
 (It is all the white trim.) 

This section cost less than $50!!
Next , over in the corner that connects the fireplace wall and the window wall, we had a large gap to fill in. We sued this 8 foot door I found at the Restore, and then filled in the raised panels with small wood strips followed by drywall mud, to give us a flat surface to work with.
We then chose to cover the surface with wood veneer planks.
I will show you how it turns out later.

I had four sets of doors on the lower half of my built ins. They were the 80's rounded edges with routered grooves for finger pulls. I filled the grooves in with MDF scraps I cut to fit. I then filled and sanded a few times to get a smooth door front. Last of all I ripped down about 2 inch strips from 1/4 press wood and routered both sides. I then use a pin nailer to attache the mitered pieces to the door fronts! Once painted they will look smashing!!

Last project was the window seats. I already showed you how we installed these. Now we had to make these drawer fronts match. I took off the metal handles and added a new wood veneer front with contact cement.

Next time these oddball pieces of furniture will get painted and it will really start to come together.

Here's a video of this part!!

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