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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Easy Ship lap or Planked Wall - Basement Project

I know ship lap is everywhere!! 
Before Joanna Gaines, it was often called a planked wall. 
Whatever you call it I love the texture it gives. 
You can make your planks any size you want from large to small. I noticed Joanna has started using smaller planks, but any size you preferred can create a great look to your wall.
I had a long wall  in the craft area that stretched all the way down the hall and I wanted to add some texture without making things too busy. 
If you remember my shiplaped wall upstairs by the laundry room, I loved it, and decided to repeat this look down stairs.

I used the same MDF boards I bought on clearance, so my wall cost less than $10.
Boo Yeah!!!
We used glue and pin nails to attach the boards and nickles as spacers in between just like I did on the laundry wall. 

The ceiling down the hall way is actually a soffit for the air vents and it runs at a slight angle. This posed a problem for the lines created between the boards. If I made the boards level it would look like our boards were running slanted, so we actually had to mount them  so they were not level!! It was hard to start putting up boards that weren't level, but in the end you can see they look level.
Because of the wonky ceiling I purposely did not start the first board directly at the ceiling.  I scribed the board to the ceiling and caulked. That way I could fool your eye into seeing a straight line not the curvy ceiling line. 
Next I primed the whole wall and then a quick sanding. Sanding MDF after priming is important for a great finished product!!

Two coats of paint and it is finished and BEAUTIFUL!!!
I used white semi-gloss. Make sure you keep a small screw driver in your hand to wipe any paint that tries to span the gap between the boards. It is easy to just wipe a small flat screw driver between boards while the paint is wet. 

What do you think?
Here is a video for even more about our ship lap wall!!

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