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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Basement Flooring Options

A funny thing happened to me the other day.
 My husband, my sister, brother-in-law and myself took my mother out to dinner for her birthday.
 (That is not the funny thing!)
After dinner we went to our little towns Art Festival. 
(That is not the funny thing, either!)
My husband went to one booth and I went to another and soon I over heard my husband having a conversation with one of the booth owners. A conversation like they knew each other, so I came over to see who it was.
Here's the funny thing, it was one of my amazing blog followers who had recognized Les, and I assume recognized me also.
 (Who knows maybe it was just Les!! lol)
On the inside I was like, "WOW!! This is so cool! Way to go!"
And then I thought, "What do I do? What do I say?"
I felt like a complete doof!
I was just standing their smiling like and idiot. 
She was so sweet and kind and I am like , ""OH, HI!!.................(sound of crickets)"
I walked away thinking, She probably thinks I am a snob.
And then I thought why didn't you get a picture with her?

Her name was Ann Rasmussen, and she was very nice.
Sorry Ann for my freakishness!

 I love inspiring others and meeting others that enjoy what I do. It is beyond great for me.
So if you see me some where,and you think it is creepy or awkward to say HI! 
Just say Hi, I guarantee I will be the more awkward one. 
 And I will be the happiest that you said Hi!
If I don't say anything, know in my head I am saying, "So great to meet you. Tell me about some of your projects or what inspiration you have gotten from the blog."
Thanks in advance for your help and kindness.

If you don't already know from reading my blog I am just an average Joe that is amazed that anyone wants to even read my blog. So this was a pretty cool experience.

OK, now onto the regularly scheduled post about the basement.
Wait... Ann (from the story above), said she liked the old form before I started doing videos.
Would like to hear from more of you as far as what you think, so leave a comment.

Today's video is all about the flooring in the family room. What we picked and why.
The floor is Valore Planks by Shaw in Roma color. Made from PVC so it is completely waterproof.
We all know basements have a high chance of flooding.
We also used a moisture resistant pad under our carpet. I do not have a name or brand for the carpet. It was a freak deal at our local Sutherland's. Something they don't usually carry, and really no name.

Just watch.

Thanks for stopping by.


Afarmhousefullofhope said...

Hi! Great choices on your flooring 🙂I was wondering if I missed the specific name for the floor you choose? I'm looking for something similar for my basement and would like to get a sample.

Jodi said...

Agree with Ann about preferring the old format!

S.P. Bowers said...

I liked it before the videos also. I rarely watch them.