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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cleaning Up the Sectional - Basement Project

I know I have not posted in a long time,
but my life has been very full.
Besides presenting at the Home Show last month,
which, by the way, was very fun, my second son got engaged and married.
Here is a few engagement photos of my beautiful kids.

Photo's taken by In Frames Photography.

Jaysen and Destiny have only been married for a little over two weeks, so no wedding photo's yet.
 I will share some when I can!!
My youngest has had football and now basketball games and practice to get to. And my girls are in the High school musical, so practice every night.
We are also carrying on with other projects like redoing the mud room and the kitchen.
Never a dull moment around here.

But you are still hopefully following our progress in the basement so lets get on with it!!

Today is all about the sectional!!
The most important piece of a family room, right?
I have a large family and wanted the kids to be able to have large video parties, so I needed to be able to seat lots of people.
Extra large sectionals can cost around $2000 or more, so when I found a sectional at the Restore  back in 2012 I bought it!!
Check out the story of getting the huge sectional downstairs!!

We have been using it, but with the basement overhaul, it needed just a little clean up!
It was a little dirty and the cushions just a little saggy.

1. Started by marking all the cushion covers to corresponding foam inserts.
 I restitched any seams that needed mending on my sewing machine
and then threw the covers into my washing machine on delicate.
2. Ripped all the old Dacron off the foam.
3. A few were actual pieces of foam glued together. 
They were coming apart.

4. Sprinkled baking soda mixed with a few drops of lavender oil on all foam inserts
 and left it for 30 minutes or more. 
Then vacuumed them off. Made my cushions smell amazingly fresh.
5. Used spray glue to glue cushions back together and then stitched it for extra reinforcement.
(Hope to replace the split cushions later when budget permits.)
6. Covered fresh foam with new thick Dacron.
 Wrapped it like a present and hand stitched the seams together.

Here's how the plump and clean cushions looked afterwards!!
They smelled as good as they look!

Next I had to clean the actual couch, I couldn't just stick that in the washing machine.
1. Look close and you can see two dark dirty spots on the arm of the couch.
2. I have a Kirby vacuum that can convert to clean upholstery.
 I purchased a dry shampoo to use with it.
3.  It creates a dry foam you just scrub into the material and then let it dry.
When it is completely dry you vacuum the surface. 

I was totally happy with my new looking huge sectional.
It was so clean and plump, oh and did I mention how great it smelled?

Great sectional and to think I only paid $50!!!!

What do you think?
Here's a video to see even more on how I did it.
Thanks for stopping by.

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