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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Basement Project - More furniture- Amazon Influencer and more!!!

Is anyone still out there?
Anyone still following?

I have been so busy with weddings, life, kitchen remodels and more I can barely seem to function. My blog has suffered and took the brunt of my time crunch. 
If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you have been more in the loop with all that has been going on. Let's face it social media is easier and more instant. 
None the less I am still here and going to finishing posting about our basement. 

But first I want to tell ya that I am an Amazon Influencer
I have a page on Amazon with many of the products I have used or like, as well as tools I like or want. You can go there and order them if you like. I have put comments under many products telling where or how I used it.

I hope this makes it easier for you to find products for your own projects!
As always, my main goal with my blog is to inspire others to create pretty and functional things for themselves. 
Go check out my Amazon Influencer page and book mark it so you can see as I add and update products.
Let me know what you would like to have me put on there.

OK, let's get back to the basement.

If you remember I  have a giant sectional, but I wanted two chairs to finish out the seating area.
I also wanted them to be able to view the fireplace and future small TV that would be above the fireplace to hook up to the Play Station. 
Enter the two pink swivel chairs I inherited from my mother.
They can rotate completely around making them perfect for this space.
The height mimicked the low slung sectional, creating harmony between the large furniture pieces.

I just had to get that lovely pink or maybe I should say flesh tone off the chairs.
My plan was to recover them with this velvet tan material I already had.
But it was a fairly thick material, not a good choice for lots of curves and seams.
So I went to plan "B", denim!
Denim is durable and fairly inexpensive. Using coupons, I purchased the fabric from JoAnns Fabric for $70 for both chairs.

I was pretty happy with my decision especially when I saw these grey denim chairs the next day in my HGTV magazine. They were almost identical to mine! I guess I have good taste!

I striped the chairs and used the old pieces as a pattern. I pretty much had to sew all the pieces together and pull it onto the chair like a tight fitting shirt and staple it to the bottom.
I don't like upholstery projects with a lot of sewing, but I managed.

Here's the before and After.
We really like them.
They function well in the space, look pretty and are super comfy.
Total cost $35 per chair!!

Next I turned my attention to our very sad looking ottomans.
I did buy these at a thrift store, but they didn't look this bad.
We actually used them for a year or so causing the rips to become bigger.
They were definitely in need of a makeover.

I decided on this awesome faux leather fabric from Hobby Lobby. It is super soft and looks like real worn leather. I love it. With a coupon it cost $77 for enough fabric for both ottomans.
You may be asking why two ottomans?
I wanted everyone sitting on the sectional to be able to put up their feet when watching a movie. That meant one really long ottoman or two smaller ones. I opted for two to make them easier to move when vacuuming and such. 

You can watch the video below to see them during the process, but here is the end result.
Lovely and functional!

I also had to purchase some Dacron for the ottomans so my cost came to $44.50 per ottoman.
 Not bad, not bad!!
Both projects are helping create a finish room!!

Check out the video!!
I get a lot of questions about how to reupholster furniture, so I am creating an on-line course.
 Stay tune for info on how you can take the coarse. It will be like being one on one with me. 
You can watch each lesson over and over.
Thanks for stopping by!


Unknown said...

That's neat to see a little of how you reupholster. The chairs and ottomans look great.

Kim said...

Wow, what amazing work! Great job, so impressive. Can't wait to see the final reveal of the basement!

nr said...

Amazing work!!

Unknown said...

Rhonda, can you tell us about all the tools have and you use to get your projects done? I saw you with a tool while putting the new faux leather on the ottoman...a air compressor maybe with an attachment for nails? It would help people like me know what tools to use!

AK Blogger said...

nice information