Friday, October 31, 2014

What's going on!

Today is just an update on our lives!!
First off Les had surgery!!
Isn't he cute in his hospital gown and hat?
He has flat feet which has kinda messed up his feet!
But the Doc went in and lengthened his Achilles tendon, put a bone wedge in his bone to straighten out his foot, and cleaned up his arch and fussed a few joints above his arch!!
It was a FOUR hour surgery!!!
But all is good and healing well.

Needless to say he has had to be home bound a lot!
In a few weeks he should back at work!!

Besides trying to take care of Les, I have been busy taking pictures for my sister.  I take her family's Christmas card photo every year. This year we had some fun messing around with poses. Here are some of my favorites from that photo shoot.

My sister also enlisted me to take photos of her brother and sister-in-law.  They were super cute and fun.  They both thought they weren't photogenic, I beg to differ.  Here are two of my favorite ones.

I have also started on Emilee's room!!  But I'll show you that in another post!!
Em and some of the junior high dance team did a dance in the Junior High play, she did great.  Ashlee helped with posters and what ever they needed her to do.  It was fun to watch the play and see both their hard work pay off.

I have also spent time helping plan an awesome Oscar night for our Young Women's group, will also post more on that latter.  Jaysen has designed the set for the High School musical of the King and I this year.  He spends almost everyday after school working on it.  I have been drafted a few afternoons to help him paint and stencil.
Between all that, we have gotten all the kids in for dental and eye check ups.
Now we are gearing up for the Holiday Season!!
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nana's Day - Guest Bedroom Reveal the Second time!!

Here is a peak back at Nana's guest bedroom before we moved it. 
 OK now let's see how we took the old and made it new and improved.
Let's start with the seating area just as you walk in the door.  
What do you think about our feature wall? 
 I love the red wreath.  We convinced Nana to go out on a limb and get these great Zebra print chairs at Kmart.  
The cute white table was from Target, which we topped with an oriental tray we picked up at DI
The mirror was from the old room, it just found a new spot for her guests to check themselves out in.  

Here's some close ups of the details.

Next up was the little cubby we wallpapered back here
The cherry red owl is from Walmart.  The white box is from Target, the words we created with my Silhouette.  It's filled with toiletries for her guests.  Everything else on the shelves she had or we got at second hand shops.  

The shelves add interest and have space for guests to set stuff. The table serves as a luggage rack 
and a full size suitcase can fit there.  After we thought we were finished we found these super cute oriental signs at DI and just had to get them.  
The just fit the room soooo well!!!

For the bed, we just moved everything over from the old guest room. 
 We did change the vinyl above the bed to say Pat's B&B.
This has a double meaning.  
First, is the obvious Bed and Breakfast.  
The second meaning? 
It stands for my sister and my family.  
Our last names our now Batchelor and Bryce.  We call lots of our combined activities B & B.  For example we call our yearly camp out together the B & B camp out.
Just a fun thing for my mom.

Not sure if I mentioned this before but Nana's sister Karol Lyn made the quilt for Nana.  This quilt is what the whole room was built around.

We used the same curtains on the closet and the window. 

So who wants to be Nana's first guest?
I heard from a reliable source that she gives her guest pillow chocolates.

What do you think?  Nana loves it!

We are working on the other rooms.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Nana's Day - Working on the New Guest Bedroom!

My sister and I have been working with Nana to finish her basement.  
Once the walls were finished and painted and the carpet in, 
we decided to concentrate on one room at a time.
We started with her Guest Bedroom.
You may remember she already had her guest bedroom in the basement, here.  But we moved it to a bigger space with a closet.  First up we worked on a feature wall in the seating area.  I used my ever famous MDF boards, from here, to frame out the wall and create vertical lines.  Then we primed and painted it grey.  It's going to be an awesome accent behind her new chairs.

She wanted to keep the bedding and such, so we were working with a red, black, and white color pallet.
One day, awhile back, Nana and I were cruising the Restore and I saw a small roll of red and white wallpaper.
I asked Nana if she liked it?
 She did, so I told her to buy it.
 "What for," she asked.
 "I don't know yet, but I will!"
That's so how I roll!!
I did find the perfect place for it!!
It's this little cubby space that we were building  for luggage,
 but first we had to wallpaper!!

Here is the space before and after the wallpaper!!
I love it!!!
What do you think?

That was step one.  Step two involved buying a used coffee table and shelf.  Both were already black just like we wanted.  We just had to tweak them and attache them together and to the wall.   

I am very detail oriented,
so when we attached the shelf to the wall with an "L" bracket I could not stand that you could see it!!
(left photo) 
 Nana and my sister thought I was nuts, but they know me and just let me do my thing!!!
I had to cut out a piece of wallpaper and cover the bracket.
(right photo)
That's much better; crisis averted!!
Anyone else as weird as me?

I will be back next time to show you how the room turned out!!
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