Monday, July 27, 2015

Rustic Charm Room - How to Make a DIY Pouf or ottoman

Back from Girls Camp and back to Ashlee's room!!
A few of you might be a tad impatient to see Ashlee's room done!!
I promise I am going to show it to you!! 
Any whoo! I really wanted one of those knitted poufs like below for Ashlee's room.

I love the texture and the extra seating it could provide, but didn't like the $80 price tag.
(Shocker I know!)
I thought about trying to con my mom into knitting one, but then I found this great aqua colored rope basket on clearance at Marshals for....
wait for it....
No brainer for me!!

If your a little confused, wondering if I plan on her sitting in the basket, let me explain.
I brought the basket home and went through my wood pile.  
I used an old painted piece of OSB to cut two circles and two rectangles. It didn't really matter what it looked like as I planned to cover the whole thing. I used the diameter of my basket for the diameter of my wood circles.  My rectangles length equaled the diameter of the circles. I also cut a slit in each rectangle. Last of all I found some small wooden legs, which I cut one section off to give me the right over all height.
 (I often buy legs at second hand stores, you never know when you will need them. And $1 a leg is super cheap.)
Now I was ready to start assembly.
Refer to the photo collage below.
1.  I slid the two rectangles together, creating an "X".  Then I attached one circle to the "X" with some glue and nails.
2. Next I flipped it over and attached the second wooden circle.
3.  I them cut a strip of sheet metal. Cut it as tall as your ottoman and as long as the circumference of the wooden circles. I use what I have, I had left over sheet metal from Em's magnet board project.  You could use heavy poster board, or thin flexible plastic or wood for this step. 
4.  I just tacked the sheet metal around the form.  Make sure your seam starts and ends on the end of one of your x pieces so you have something to attach it too. Then cut a foam circle and glue it down with spray glue. (Again This was an extra piece of foam I had, you could possible even piece the foam.)

5.  Using spray glue I attached a layer of batting over the whole form.
6.  Then I found a scrap of fabric and covered the whole assembly. I happen to have leftover brown velvet from Ozzie's bed, so that's what I used, and just stapled it on the under side.
7.  Next I marked and drilled holes equal distance apart, and then screwed the legs in.
8.  You may notice the legs look darker.  I used 2 or 3 coats of gel stain on them.
9.  Last step, pull the basket over my new ottoman.

I am loving it!!

You could really make this with any material you like and whatever size you want.
You don't really need legs, but I wanted more height so I added them.  I could have just made the whole thing taller and had the brown material peaking out underneath, but I was really making it up as I went along. 

If you want to pin this baby to make one of your own, here is the perfect pining picture.
Would love to see how yours turns out!!
Now let's talk money!!

The cost breakdown.
Rope basket           $17
    Legs                         $4   
Everything else was left over from other projects.
Total                       $21
I saved almost $60!!!

It works great and can be pulled off to clean!
What do you think?
Just a few more projects and this room is done!!

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Monday, July 20, 2015

It's that Kind of Week!!

I know you are all waiting for an awesome post this morning, but sorry, that is just not going to happen. 
 Truth of the matter is, I am human!! 
 I know shocker!! 
 I have had such a busy summer and this last week was no exception to that super busy summerness. I helped my sister plan and throw a family reunion this past weekend amongst girls camp preparations. Oh, I don't think I have mentioned I'm one of the leaders at my church over the young women ages 12-18, and this week we are taking them all camping!  23 girls last count.  So I am up to my ears in camp preparation. On top of all that I am starting to try to get ready for back to school shopping for my kiddos.  
All this to say, I chose these things over blogging this week!!
Don't be too mad and I will be back soon!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Nana's Day - Porthole Curtains with a view!

Once we sorted out Nana's design direction, we were off and running.
She has one window in her family room, but it is not your normal window.
For starters, it is a basement window with a view of a window well. Second it has a kitchenette under part of it so long curtains were out of the question. Third it has an underwater scene painted on the inside of that window well!
At one time Nana had Jaysen paint the metal window well with a scene from the ocean.  It looks pretty cool, so naturally we want to highlight that. Because it was in the basement, privacy isn't really an issue, but I felt it needed curtains to add a softness to that side of the room. 
We decided to add a valance.
We took the easy route and bought panel curtains from Target. These panels had large silver grommets at the top. We decided to use the grommets as a design element; they became the bottom edge of our valance. 
The window is pretty long; 6 foot. We started out by sewing the two panels together. Then we cut our new extra wide panel to the height we wanted. To determined the height we measured from the ceiling to just below the top of the window and added about 5 inches. The extra five inches allowed us to wrap the fabric around a 1x2 piece of wood. 
(Because we were using the finished edge of the curtain, we did not have to allow for a hem in our measurements.) 
I had my sister and Nana,
cut two small strips the same length for the ends of the valance.

After wrapping the 1x2 and stapling it to the fabric, we added small "L" brackets. We left the ends free so we could staple the small strips off each end.

Next we just had to get our head in the GAME and install the valance.

OK, I know that was cheesy!! I just couldn't resist.
But we literally just had to get under the valance and screw the "L" brackets to the wall.


Nana and I just love how the grommets look like portholes!!
Super easy valance!!
Now let me talk a little about the fish tank window.
It is hard to get a good photo of Jaysen's painting  due to the glare, but check it out in the photo below.  I love the swimming sea turtle.

The curtain helped to highlight the fish tank, but it still needed more.
I bet you can't guess what it needs?
You got it, 
We painted the aluminum window trim black, which really set off the fish scene.

What do you think?
Oh, we did actually add a blue LED light strip that shines on the aquatic painted window well. It looks very cool, but unfortunately I haven't been able to capture that in a photo; too dark.

Can't wait to show you more!!
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