Monday, June 29, 2015

Rustic Charm Bedroom - Magnetic Board

Ashlee loves drawing, just like all her siblings. 
I definitely needed a place for her to display some of her drawings and special notes or pictures. 
 It is a teenagers room!!
I loved Em's magnet board; no pins to fall on the floor and get stepped on. So I decided to do another magnet board.
I had a small wall that it had to fit on. So Ash's board was going to have to be hung vertical. 
My tag line is Working With What You Got, so I looked at what I had.
I had this coffee table I had pulled out of one of my neighbors trash. The glass part was missing, but that didn't stop me. I decided the top would make a great magnet board. 
I kept the bottom, I want to make a cute bench out of it someday!!

I actually like the wood tone for Ash's room so I just left it.
 (Gasp, she didn't paint it? She always paints everything!!)
(Stranger things have happened!!)
Now I just needed some tin. Believe it or not I ran down to the Restore just to see if they would have anything I could use, before I went to Home Depot to buy a new piece of sheet metal.
I found a stack of small pieces of sheet metal, they had one end crimped to create duct work out of.
They were like the exact size I needed!!!!
(Always have your measurements with you!)
I bought two and went home super happy!!
I cut off the crimped ends and glued wallpaper to one side of the metal.
I used the same wall paper I used on the ceiling medallion. I purchased it at a second hand store, $1 for the roll.
Stapled the metal on and this baby was done!! 

For magnets I bought a roll of magnet tape for $3 
and had these cool metal letters in my scrapbook stash.  (I have had these letters for years; have no idea how much they were.)
The whole alphabet was still there,
(Obviously I haven't done much scrap booking lately.)

Each metal letter already had a sticky back and so did the magnetic tape. I just cut the tape to length and pressed the two together for a few minutes. Two strips fit perfectly.

I love them!!

Just for fun I added this quirky door knocker I had laying around. Everyone thinks this is an old door turned magnet board!! They are surprised to hear it was a table top!!

Over all this was a successful project!
Ashlee loves spelling messages out on it too!!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nana's Day - Back to the Basement!! Kitchenette

I know I haven't shown you anything from Nana's house in like forever!!
You might think we don't work over there any more. 
But you would be wrong!!!
My sister and I still go over to Nana's house one day a week to work.  
Last time I showed you her new guest bedroom in her basement remodel.
Let's see what we have been doing on Nana's Day!
If you remember we had the whole basement finished, today I want to show you a special corner.
Nana wanted a small kitchenette.
First we measured the space, and then went shopping. 
We found the perfect drawer base and toe kick at the Restore. 
Yes, you read that right, toe kick
 How do I get this lucky? 
We were going to build a toe kick/platform for a small fridge to sit on, but found this one already made!!!
Both for $10!!

Just a little tweaking and it was installed and ready to paint. We mounted a horizontal piece of bead board to the end of the cabinet to add interest. Nana picked out this light coastal blue color and painted this baby. The small fridge fit perfectly!! Then we had laminate counter tops installed.  To create more space to set food on we also had a small matching counter top installed on the deep window ledge. Next we tiled the wall with  mosaic tile and added trim around the microwave box. 
At this point we convinced Nana to change the paint color on the base cabinets.  The blue just looked forced. We picked up a more greenish tan that matched the tile and repainted it.
(Not all plans go as planned!)
Tan is not Nana's favorite color, in fact browns are down right ugly to her.
But I convinced her it would help create a better feel for the hole room.  She trusts me and repainted the cabinet. 

To finish it off we added white pumpkin knobs from Hobby Lobby. We had a strip of LED lights added to the microwave box, to aid in popcorn cooking during movie watching.
It turned out she loves it.  
Here is close up detail of the tile, counter top and knobs. 

(The photo on the left looks a little greener than real life and 
the photo's on the right appear more gray than it is.)

What do you think?
Do you want one?
I will be back with more of Nana's basement!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Rustic Charm Bedroom - Under Bed Storage Boxes

We are so close to finishing up Ashlee's room
since we finished her bed!!!
(If you missed how I raised her bed you can go check that out in Raising the bed Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.) 
I want to show you an extra cool storage idea for under her bed.
One of the reasons I went to so much trouble to fix her bed was because these beds rails are pretty high off the ground. 11 inches to be exact!! 
Other beds we have had have had so little room under the rails you couldn't fit anything under the bed. I found these awesome wooden boxes at a second hand store and bought all four. I think they were around 2 or 3 dollars each. I used two under Em's bed and two under Ashlee's.They were already painted white.
I added casters so they could roll under the bed easily.

I used casters from my favorite on-line hardware store, D Lawless.
They are less than $3 for a set of four. I just screwed them to the bottom.

I think they look great. They pull out right in front of her closet, making all her clothes storage in the same area. She stores pants and things that you want stored folded in them. 
For fun I added this toile wallpaper to the bottom of each drawer. I am sure you know I got the wallpaper from a second hand store, $1.50 for the roll.

I love the function and look of this storage option. You could also use drawers from an old dresser or make boxes yourself. Just make sure your box height plus the casters are shorter than your bed rail.  

What do you think? 
 I love pretty and functional things!! 
 I know you are getting tired of hearing that from me, I just can't help it!!
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I was provided hardware by D Lawless Hardware, but all opinions are mine.