Monday, February 23, 2015

Rustic Charm Room - On the Search! How I start my built ins

We are diving into Ashlee's room now.
I'm going to surround the window with built ins and
I really want to share more of how we find and build our "modge podge" built ins. 
 I want to let you see how we find odd and mismatched pieces and then turn them into lovely built-ins like in the Office.

 and the laundry room.

  Anyone can do it, with a patience and attention to detail.
So where do I start?
I start with measuring the space and a rough idea of what I want for the end result. 
 In Ashlee's room I knew I wanted a window seat and book shelves flanking either side of the window.  Because of the measurements, I knew I was looking for items that were 36" wide or smaller.
Then we start searching local Craig's lists, second hand stores, the Restore.  Any place that might have pieces that will fit.  The key is to look at lots of options and be flexible.  I called on about 10-12 adds and looked at about three of them in person. We also checked out a few second hand stores and the Restore.  Ashlee's room needed both sides of the window to balanced.   

 Before I ever started this room I had come across a cool arch at the Restore; I'm sure it was taken out of someones kitchen.  I bought it and all the matching trim I could find for $5.  A few months later my sister was getting rid of a 7 foot oak bookshelf, so I brought it home and stored it in the garage.
When I was ready to start the built ins I made a scale drawing of that wall and scale drawings of the arch and the bookshelf.  I then cut my bookshelf drawing in half because in real life we were going to be cutting that bookshelf in half. I took my pieces and would play with my drawing when ever I found new pieces to see how they would all fit together. 

While searching, we found an add for a whole bunch of free cabinets. Unfortunately none of them would work.  But there was a small weird upper cabinet that we thought might work as the window seat.  It seemed small but we took it any ways, it was free!!!
The search went on!!
I found a few options for the bottom cabinets, but in the end I opted for two matching bathroom base cabinets.  I bought them used for $30 each, $60 total. 

After all of that I had my main pieces: the free bookshelf, the arch, the base cabinets and the free window seat. I had only spent $65 so far.

Now we just have to put it all together.

If you are going to do some modge podge built ins, just remember to think outside the box.  How can you alter a piece to make it fit?  I will show you how to fill in the gaps and add detail to make it all look good.
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Friday, February 20, 2015

Rustic Charm Room - Closet Project

The first project I tackled in Ash's room was the closet. 
 (Just like I did for Emilee.)  
You know how I feel about a single closet rod!  
So I ripped it out and made a custom closet. 
 Double hanging and shoe cubbies on one side; long hanging space and basket storage on the other side.  Ashlee's closet was bigger than Emilee's so her baskets for underwear, socks, etc... are inside her closet.  
I built it just like I did Em's closet here,  only the shoe and basket tower were built as one unit.
  I built it on the kitchen floor and thought I would just move it into the bedroom when done. 
This thing was freaking heavy!!!  
Luckily I have a super awesome sister who came over and helped me move it. 
I didn't put any ledgers or braces in the back of the cubbies to help keep the unit square, and I had run out of nails in the nail gun for the last two shelves and didn't know it.  Needless to say, it almost fell apart during the move down the long hallway.  When we got it into her room we had to lean it up against the wall and hold it so it wouldn't fall over.  
But I used a rubber mallet and put it all back together and added four braces. 
 it was super strong and ready to install.
When my awesome hubby got home from work and helped me do just that!!   

I actually went shopping for baskets or bins before I built this, so I could build it to fit the baskets.  
I happened to be at Lowe's checking out what they had available when I saw these awesome bamboo fabric lined boxes on clearance for $2.60 each!!! 
(You read that right!
I had to ask an employee to search around and we found all that they had, 
6 in total costing $16 for them all!!!  
They were perfect!!  
They were originally $19 each!!!  That's a savings of $104!!!  
I love great deals!  
I may paint or stain them, we will see.  
But for now I just love how sturdy they are!

OK enough about my awesome deal!!
After the closet was done I put Ashlee to work helping me fill all the millions of pin holes in the walls.  Then we sanded them, and primed the entire room!!

She is actually a really good worker.  
She pays attention to detail, just like her mama!!

Well next I am onto the built-ins!!
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Saturday, February 7, 2015

What's New - Teenage Girl Room

I have a confession to make, 
I actually finished Em's Glam room in November! 
 I worked so hard on it that I didn't do much blogging about it till after it was finished.  I then decided I didn't want another project started until after the holidays, 
I didn't start anything new until January!
It was a great break, 
I have to say by the end of those two months I was starting to feel like I was having DIY withdrawals!!  
I know I am weird!!

I bet you can't guess what my next project is?
Here is a hint!

No! I am not having babies!!
 But I do have these super cute twins,
(OK they are teenagers now, but I couldn't resist put up their baby picture)
and if you do one twins room, the other is sure to follow!!!

As promised, my next project is Ashlee's room!!

As I always do, let's look at her room and talk about her needs and wants!!!

First, Ashlee needs a new closet system.
Have I mentioned before how I loath a single closet rod?
(Oh, I have about a million times!!  It's not super functional!)
She needs storage and by her request a window seat and a mirror!!

Let's see what we have to work with.

I want to give her:
 a new light fixture, 
do some sort of ceiling treatment, 
a bigger more dramatic head board,
built ins for storage and displaying,
and a window seat.

We set up the room two different ways to let her see which way she liked best.  After living with each for a week or so, she picked the option with a window seat! (Big surprise!lol)
Can you see our make shift built ins and window seat below?
Setting up the room this way really gave us an idea of the flow of the room before we committed to all that building.

This last wall will have  a mirror on it. 
 If you look close you can see a bunch of tacks on the wall, yeah every wall looked like that!!  
Can you say lots of pin holes equals lots of filler!!!
And as usual I have already started collecting great deals for her room, I will tell you all about those baskets later!!!

So there you have it, we are diving in to this new project!!

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