Monday, October 20, 2014

Nana's Day - Working on the New Guest Bedroom!

My sister and I have been working with Nana to finish her basement.  
Once the walls were finished and painted and the carpet in, 
we decided to concentrate on one room at a time.
We started with her Guest Bedroom.
You may remember she already had her guest bedroom in the basement, here.  But we moved it to a bigger space with a closet.  First up we worked on a feature wall in the seating area.  I used my ever famous MDF boards, from here, to frame out the wall and create vertical lines.  Then we primed and painted it grey.  It's going to be an awesome accent behind her new chairs.

She wanted to keep the bedding and such, so we were working with a red, black, and white color pallet.
One day, awhile back, Nana and I were cruising the Restore and I saw a small roll of red and white wallpaper.
I asked Nana if she liked it?
 She did, so I told her to buy it.
 "What for," she asked.
 "I don't know yet, but I will!"
That's so how I roll!!
I did find the perfect place for it!!
It's this little cubby space that we were building  for luggage,
 but first we had to wallpaper!!

Here is the space before and after the wallpaper!!
I love it!!!
What do you think?

That was step one.  Step two involved buying a used coffee table and shelf.  Both were already black just like we wanted.  We just had to tweak them and attache them together and to the wall.   

I am very detail oriented,
so when we attached the shelf to the wall with an "L" bracket I could not stand that you could see it!!
(left photo) 
 Nana and my sister thought I was nuts, but they know me and just let me do my thing!!!
I had to cut out a piece of wallpaper and cover the bracket.
(right photo)
That's much better; crisis averted!!
Anyone else as weird as me?

I will be back next time to show you how the room turned out!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our Haunted House!!

Yes, it's that creepy time of year again!!! 
 If you have been following my blog you know we might like Halloween a little lot.
I have posted about our Halloween decor before here and here and here.   The other day someone asked me if I put up all our Halloween decorations in the same place and the same way every year.  
The answer is, NO!  
First off, I can't remember year to year what I did, 
and second we seem to acquire stuff each year, 
and last of all, that's boring!!!
This year Jaysen offered some of his new finds to be put on display, such as this awesome mounted skull, which fits perfectly under my giant glass dome.  Love this creepy vignette.

I put most of our collection of jars full of potions on the kitchen shelves.  Every kid's favorite thing is to pick a color and fill a potion jar each year.  We collect these from second hand stores all year and add a few new ones each year.

Moving things around just makes each year fun and exciting for the kids.  They love to come home after school and look around to see what's where and what's new!!
My favorite new thing is our Haunted Photo Collage. 

I bought a couple of these cheap lenticular pictures about 5 years ago.
 (These are the pictures that change when you move them.)
Since then, I have added to my collection.  Most are from the Dollar Store.  I bought three new ones this year and decided they would make a better impact all together.  And collage walls are so trendy, Why not a creepy trendy wall!!
My family loves it!!
My mother hates it, too creepy!!
What do you think?
I just might do this idea again next year!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Nana's Day - Building the Basement

Is anybody there?

I know it's been almost a month since I have posted and I am not sure any one is still out there!!
Whether you are or not I am posting anyways!!

Life has been harder than usual lately and it seems faster than usual too.
I have been pushing myself to get more work done on a special new project that I will post about another time. I have also been focused on me and my family and how best to balance it all.  I have spent a lot of time talking with my Heavenly Father and reading my scriptures.  I'm not sure I have it all figured out, but I am sure I have the right adviser!

We are steadily working on Nana's house; remember here when I showed you our last project at her house?  
Today I want to show you some of our progress.
Let's check out all the beautiful taped and textured walls and ceilings.  This is the point where you can really see what the size and feel of the room will be.

See how hard I'm working?

 Nana worked on the basement and painted a lot of it herself!!!  Each week we would come and she would show us everything she painted!!
(If you look close you may see the special aquarium window!!)

Once all the painting was done, we installed and painted all the trim.  
See how I get my kids to do all the tedious jobs,? Like nail setting!!!
 Thanks Ashlee!!

Finally, the carpet guys came.  We just sat around all day while they worked.
   It was awesome!!
There wasn't enough room to be in the basement while they laid the carpet and
it drove me crazy not being able to watch everything; well I kind'a watched through a basement window!!  
(I know I am soooo weird!!)

We had a great pad put in that was rubberized, so it won't mildew if it gets wet and
the carpet is super soft.  She totally loves it!!
Here's a picture plus a sneak peak at the amazing sectional she bought for the basement.
  Ashlee is modeling how to use it or should I say sleep in it!!!

I promise to be back soon this time with more on this basement!!
Thanks for stopping by.