Monday, March 23, 2015

Rustic Charm Room - It is all in the Details!

The big key to making modge podge built ins work, is in the details. Making all the little things make them look like they were built that way.  For example I planned a head for the crown moulding, I haven't installed it but I left room for it at the top.  Lots of times you will have to solve how to fill a gap or make a connection of two pieces so that they look like it was meant to built that way.  A good example is the corner of our office built ins.
We had a weird gap to fill.  You can go here to see how we solved that problem.

My point is to give some thought to the details, cause they can make or break your finished product.
I have a couple of details to show you today that I did on Ashlee's built ins.  First up I decided to make her counter tops and window seat tops out of 3/4 inch MDF.  I cut them to fit and then scribed them to the wall for a good fit.  I have really struggled with how to scribe things, so this time I decided to figure it out once and for all!  Yeah turns out it's super easy.  But just in case an of you out there are struggling like me let me explain.  We all know walls are not square, especially the corners due to the dry wall mud being furred out.  Anyways when you  place a square item up against a wall you will see an uneven gap.  It gets bigger and smaller.  You can caulk gaps but big gaps full of caulk will get dirty and eventually look ugly.  
Begin by pushing your counter into place, and find the widest part of the gap.  Using a compass set it to the width of the widest part of the gap.  Once your compass is set just run it along the wall.  It will mark a line on your counter.  Take the counter out and sand up to the line.  When you put it back into place it will fit so much more snug!!!

OK now to the real detail dilemma I had.  The book shelf I used, the free one we cut in half back here, well it had rounded corners at the top.  
Sounds like no big deal, right?  
Remember we cut it in half and mounted each half to the wall.  So now one side had rounded corners and one square.  To make matters worse you could see the curve from the side as well as the front.  this meant I couldn't just put new trim on the front with out the side looking weird.  Trust me, I tried that first!  Then I pulled the trim off and decided to try again.  I think I tried a couple more ideas and pulled them off as well!  I finally decided to make the front face frame over hang the side, and put a matching piece of trim along the bottom on the side. That looked pretty good, but we were looking for VERY good!!  So I added a second piece of decorative trim to finish it off. 
(I had picked up this trim one time at the Restore.  
Les had ask, "What's that for?"
  "I don't know yet," I said. 
Story of my life!!)

Anyway, I think that trim really made it look more professional.  
What do you think?

So that's my crazy tip for the day!!
It's all in the details!!

I guess I will leave you with a picture of how the built ins look.

It's time to start prepping for paint!!
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Monday, March 16, 2015

Birthdays and Celebrations!

Besides the usual going on around here, we have had lots of extra excitement. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you already know that there was an article in the Houzz news letter about our laundry room.

 Houzz got lots of great feed back from it!!
Thanks y'all.
If you haven't seen it here's a link.
 Before it was published they decided to send a video crew and make a video about it.
So one day last month they showed up to shoot the video!!
They arrived early in the morning before the kids went to school.  And unloaded a ton of equipment into our garage.  They started filming everything, like the girls doing each other's hair, us eating breakfast, and us having conversations.  While this guy walked around with a mic floating above your head, and another with a camera pointed at you, they said,
"Just act normal."

 Yeah right!!

We tried to act as normal as we could.
That part was short lived as the kids headed off to school, and then we got down to the interview.  First, they hooked me up with a microphone, so they could hear everything I was doing.
(I am not kidding, all day the sound guy could hear every conversation I had!!)
Next I got comfy on the couch,
I was surrounded by equipment, the crew, and lights. Yeah I had two bright lights glaring right at me.  Then they proceeded with the interview. It actually was kinda fun but nerve racking. After a while I relaxed and just talked about my laundry room.

Les sat in the corner watching and taking pictures, but then they interviewed him. 
 Different location but same lights and such.  

After the interviews were done it was time to film in the actual laundry room. 
 (How many people can you fit into a 7 foot by 4 foot space?)
OK it was mostly me and the camera man in the actual room, with the sound guy hanging out in Em's room. But it was tight quarters. We spent most of the day shooting all kinds of shots doing laundry tasks as I talked. Hardest part was not looking at the camera when I talked. That seemed most natural to me, but it wasn't what they wanted. These guys had lots of fun coming up with fun and interesting shots. Along with all their cameras they had a Go Pro.
Where didn't they put that thing?  
They put it in the dryer and the washer, in the dirty clothes bin, clean clothes basket, a sweater drying rack, and behind the clothes on the handing rod. 
We had loads of fun.
(Pun intended.)

When the kids got home from school they all took turns doing their laundry chores and being filmed.
Quinton even got to wear the Go Pro on his head. They also filmed us playing basketball out front in our driveway. Our neighbors were very curious. Not to see us playing basketball, to see us being filmed.  
(Probably thought we were turning pro basketball players!! lol)

The crew flew in from California and were awesome to work with.  
Rick the director/creator/editor was fun.  
He really seemed to have a vision of what he wanted and made it work.  
Andy the sound guy was ironically fairly quiet. 
But super nice and came up with some great ideas when we all got stumped.  
And last of all was Brian the camera man. 
He was so easy to work with. 
They were all great guys. We really had fun with them all day, and were a little sad to see them all drive away. 

Well if you haven't seen the video here it is.
Don't laugh, I always think I look awkward on film.

So what do you think?

If that wasn't enough excitement, also asked to write an article about our laundry room which you can read here.

Amid all this we have had some birthdays too.
First, we celebrated my awesome hubbies birthday!! 
Don't know what we would do without this guy helping us all get along. He works hard to provide for us, loves us, and totally makes us all laugh.
Happy Birthday Babe!!

Quinton also celebrated his birthday.  
Yeah he is driving around with a permit now!! I can't believe how tall he is. This kid keeps a smile on my face.  He is always saying or doing something funny. 
Diggy dog dog do!!

Last of all our baby had a birthday.
 I must be getting older when my baby is 10!!!
I can't imagine life with out this kid. He has always been my sweet boy who leaves me notes of love and encouragement, especially when he notices I am feeling down.
 Happy birthday kiddo!!!

We ended this month of excitement with surgery number three!!
 Austin had foot surgery and is doing fine.

Some how I have slowly been working on Ashlee's room and will continue to post about that.
Thanks for stopping by.  

Monday, March 9, 2015

Rustic Charm - Window seat creation

All the pieces to our builts in are in place except for the window seat.  
So let's get to it!!
First, I determined where I wanted the window seat to be.  
I know you are thinking, 
"Duh, under the window and between the cabinets!!"
But I had to decide if I wanted it flush with the cabinet fronts or set back.  
I wanted the seat to be as deep as possible for maximum comfort, but Les and I both thought it looked better set back. I also had to determine how tall I wanted it.  Once I had all the measurements, I got to work building.  I pulled back the carpet and cleaned off the floor.

The toe kick is like a mini framed wall turned on it's side.  I usually let Les do the framing, but this time I was determined to do it myself.  I measured and cut the whole thing carefully.  I needed this to be taller so I used 2x6's instead of 2x4's.  I really struggled with getting those long nails in with out bending them or taking an hour per nail. 
 (That's why Les usually does this!!)
I worked smarter though and pre-drilled all my nail holes and they went in like butter! 
Or maybe I am just getting super strong!!  

I was feeling so super woman-like!!!
I felt even better when I put it in place and it fit right!!!
Then I started to install it.
Either the floor was really crooked or my toe kick was warped or both!! 
 But this thing was not laying flat on the floor!! 
 I attempted to shim it and screw it to the floor with no success!!!
As I lay on the floor pretty much about ready to cry, in walks my hero!!!
He assured me it could still work.  
He just used his brute strength and attached it to the floor in such a way that it untwisted!!!!
(I guess I just need to work out a little more!)

After the toe kick was in place it was easy sailing!
I set my "free" cabinet, which I am pretty sure was a small upper kitchen cabinet in it's previous home,
onto the toe kick and screwed it down and to the side cabinets.
Now here is where you have to get creative and pay attention to details to make these modge podge built ins work.  This cabinet and the new toe kick were about two inches smaller than the opening.  I centered the cabinet and made two 1 inch fillers for either end.
Then I added a 1/4 inch thick piece of wood to the front of the toe kick which covered the gap on either end.

(Pay no attention to that dirt in the corner of the cabinet.  Gross!! )
( I hadn't vacuumed the cabinet out yet, it had leaves and dirt in it when I got it!! 
Don't judge me!!  It will all be cleaned up in the end!
Any way it's beginning to look like built ins, right?

I mentioned earlier that I had to determine where to place the window seat.  Below you can see that the cabinet didn't extend back all the way to the wall.  I added a cleat to the wall and was ready for the actual seat to be installed.

I made the seat out of 3/4 inch MDF.
Sorry no picture of that yet, but stay tuned and
watch this baby finish taking shape!!

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