Thursday, September 3, 2015

Nana's Day -

Yes, we are still working on Nana's house. Here is a small project we tackled while Nana was out of town.  She had this end table and it was the perfect size and had the open storage we wanted for blankets, so we decided to keep it.  Only problem was the particle board top had some water damage.  Just paint would not fix the bumps and Nana likes to put cold drinks on this table so we needed a plan!
The Restore to the rescue!!
We found a 4' x4' sheet of blue plexi glass at the Restore.
So I cut it to fit the top of the  table, I even rounded the corners to match.
(In the photo below the plexi glass still has the protective film on it; it is not really all scratched up.)
(Oh and my sister thinks she has to pose like Vanna White when I take her picture. lol)

We then just unscrewed the legs and painted all the parts blue.

We glued the plexi glass to the top shelf, and put everything back together. I did add just a little black glaze to the legs.
Super easy and super simple.  

What do you think?
Nana loves it!  It functions so well too!
It holds all the extra blankets for cuddling when watching TV and the top is perfect for drinks or whatever; it just wipes clean!!

Just one more project to shsre and then I will show you the entire room!!!

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Monday, August 31, 2015

What to do with Builder Grade Mirror! - Rustic Charm Bedroom

Here is a reminder of that huge beautiful mirror in Ashlee's room.
It may look like it cost a million bucks, but you know that's never the case at our house.
It was super cheap and easy.
This project starts in the bathroom.

You read that right the bathroom!
Here is where this giant free mirror came from;
the girls bathroom.

These mirrors are in so many homes!! 
OK, having a big mirror in the bathroom; SUPER IDEA!
No storage in the bathroom because the flat mirror takes up the whole wall; BAD IDEA!
So I guess you realize we took this baby out of the bathroom. If you follow me on Instagram, you have had a glimpse of what went in it's place. But I'll talk about that later.
Today lets talk about where we put this bad boy!!
Ashlee was all for a giant mirror in her room!!
(No brainier for a teen girl!!)
The only problem was how to install this thing.
We didn't want to just glue it to the wall like it was in the bathroom and we couldn't screw it to the the top half of the wall due to what we had installed on the other side of it.
(That would be the bathroom side.  Are you just dying to find out what we did?)
So...we devised a double trim system to hold this baby in place.
We started by laying the mirror on the garage floor and playing around with trim and boards.
I almost had a hart attack when one of my children came out and jumped over the almost 4 foot by 5 foot mirror laying on the ground!!!!
They cleared the mirror, but I may have threatened them if they did that again!! 
 Note to self; don't lay mirrors on the floor if Kids are in the house, unless you lock the doors!!! 

Alright back to the mirror.  I started by gluing a painted piece of trim to my favorite MDF slats and then mitering them and cutting them to fit around the mirror. 
Then I enlisted Les to help install all the pieces.
We started with the bottom piece. Since we could screw into the bottom half of the wall, and this piece would hold the majority of the mirror's weight We marked the studs with tape and screwed the bottom piece into the studs, making it super strong.
The side pieces we just glued and tacked into place with pin nails.
(Make sure your corners are square, so you mirror will fit.)

You can see the second piece of trim in the photo below.  It is also a strip of MDF painted white with a decorative blue trim attached. Once the mirror was in place we glued and nailed this second board up.  This basically created a lip that covers the edge of the mirror holding it in place.
We did have to add some foam board behind the mirror to make it the same thickness as the first board. You don't want a gap or you'll have a loose mirror.

I actually painted the pieces before hand and after everything was in place I added a brown glaze. Once installed I found I didn't like the huge white strip.  So I went digging through my stuff till I found some gold Washi tape. Yup, that stripe is just tape!!  But I like how it looks.
Oh and one other thing; we had to paint the back of the trim because you can see it in the reflection of the mirror if you don't; trust me!!

The only thing I had to go out and buy was a couple of sticks of pretty trim.
Not too bad for a giant 4' x 5' mirror!!

That's it for Ashlee's room!
If you have any questions let me know!
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Not Cool!

I have a favor to ask and a little bit of a rant!!
First I want to say that one thing I love about blogging is being able to share my ideas with others. I hope others will be inspired to try a project they thought they couldn't do. Or achieve the home they thought was out of reach for them! 
But there is some protocol in the blogging world. 
If you want to share something from my blog I am totally thrilled with that, as long as you share through appropriate channels, (example: Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, etc...) Or if you ask permission to use one of my photo's. 
If you are putting links back to my blog I almost always will grant you permission. 
When searching my own photo's on the Internet I found a blog who has stolen my photo's and tutorial. 

 They literally re posted my photo's and writings as if it was theirs. They did say at the bottom of the post that the idea and photo's were from me, but put no link. This is stealing my traffic.
This is not cool!!!
I have sent them several messages stating they do not have my permission to use my photos and to take the post down or contact me. I have yet to receive a reply.
So I am asking that if you have time to leave them a message. Click on this link. If they get a ton of messages from upset consumers I am hoping they will contact me or take the post down.
And today I found  that a blog called Before It's News,

who just copy and pasted two of my posts!
What the heck?
They said the articles were submitted by Batchelors Way. 
Um, I never even heard of them before today.
But they did at least have a link to my home page, but why would you need to go there when the whole post is right in front of you?
They however had a complaint form I filled out.  
We will see if they respond.

 I am flattered, but give me some credit and my due traffic.

Thanks in advance for listening and helping out.

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