Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Glamorous Room on a Budget Reveal

I am finally showing you Em's finished room!!

But first a small note.  I shop at second hand stores a lot!!  Most often I shop at DI, because there are a lot of them in my area.  I always get asked, "What is  this DI?"  
Deseret Industries is the stores real name, DI is just a nick name.  Here is a link if you would like to know more or see if there is one in your area. Basically it is a second hand store run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I will refer to this store a lot during this post.

Now back to Em's Room!!

Just a few details that make up the room!

Are you ready to go in?
Let's go!!!

Just take a good look around.  I am still loving the ceiling detail.

Let's take a closer look at some of the details.
Let's start with the black and white shelves in the corner. 
(Do you notice Emilee's ugly cow? I worked that in!!  I always make good on my promises!!)

I knew I wanted somewhere to display a few things, and the corner was really the only place to do that.  I had the two black shelves from a long ago DI shopping trip, but they were too long to go on the wall next to the cubbies.  So I did what I always do and went back to DI where I found the two small white shelves.  Funny that I bought the big black shelves for $1 each and the small white ones cost me $3 each!!  But that's second hand stores for ya!!  
Here's what they looked like when I bought them; a little rough!

The white shelves had this weird top that was angled back, so I cut it off and added a new MDF top.  Then I just painted them with gloss spray paint.  I think they are gorgeous now!!

I don't just build things for less I decorate from less.  
Here's how I styled Em's shelves for less:

White picture frame from DI for $1, made picture on my computer and printed it off
White porcelain jewelry box from DI for $3
Black shelves from DI $1 each
Octagonal frame from DI $1 
White porcelain hand from DI 50 cents
Metal toy skates from DI $1
Miniature chair; gift from sister-free
Plant from Ikea on sale for $3; added scrap vinyl on pot
Ugly cow-free!!

Granite bull; gift from Great Grandfather-free
Black and white ceramic box; gift from previous Christmas-free
White shelves $3 each
Black mini velvet dress form DI $1
Wooden block with photo modge podge made at girls camp last year-free
Silver "E" 50 cents from DI

Remember my nightstand remake?
(If not go here to see that!)
Once again I didn't spend much to "Glam up" these with accessories.

Here is the breakdown:
Eiffel Tower shadow box DI and Christmas decoration $4.50
Lamps $7 each from DI
Lampshades from Target $17 each
(Don't freak out that I actually paid full price for something!!!)
Shiny black ceramic doggy bank DI for $2
Covered old cardboard food boxes with leftover wrapping paper free
Cute clock; Em's Christmas gift a year ago-free
Picture of Christ already had-free
Jewelry Box $5
( I kid you not, I bought this used and did nothing to it!! It filled my need for her jewelry storage and looked perfect already)
Ceramic pink shoes, DI $1
And these awesome pink curtains were from Ikea for $9 for the set!!! 
(I love Ikea curtains because they are so long. )

You'd be surprised what you can find at second hand stores and what you already have at home.  
Em wanted Zebra print in her room. 
 I opted for a Zebra chair, you can go here to see what the chair looked like and how I recovered it here.
Here friends love sitting in it.

You can't have a teenage girl's room with out a mirror in it, right?
  I used a mirror I already had.  
Actually this is a second remake of this mirror.
  (Check out the first one here.)
It's so pretty hanging under this "Fabulous" sign I picked up at DI for $1.

A little silver spray paint and black glaze gave this mirror a whole new look!!
(This is the same way I finished off the frame of my office pin board, you can go here for more details.)

Em's favorite part is her closet.  
You can go here to see how I built her custom closet insides and her cubbies.  
 I bought her cute gray and chevron bins at Shopko on clearance for $5 each.  

My girls love to draw, 
(OK drawing runs in my children's veins!!), 
so I made this large magnetic board for her to put up her drawings on.
You can check out how I made this board for $7.50 plus magnets here.

You know how I love pillows but not the pillow prices?
 Well the awesome white pillow was my neighbors cast off, as well as the black and white one.  The velvet black and velvet pink were picked up at a second hand stores for $3 each.

I love details!!!
 I found this idea on Pinterest
 Do you see the edge of the door? 
 I covered it with Zebra duct tape!!  
When the door is open it adds a cool little unexpected design.

I just wanted to tell about a few more details.  
One: The curtain rod is actually a shower curtain rod I got on clearance at Walmart for $10, I love the crystal finials. 
Two: I made the pink fur blanket and found the grey channel bedspread for $5at DI.

Last detail, is the gorgeous chandelier!!
You have to go check out the before here if you missed it.

Em has had a infatuation with cows for the the last year or so.
She kinda had a small collection.  But as the time to move into her new room drew near she decided she was over the cow thing.  We got rid of all of them except the "Ugly cow candle" which is at the beginning of this post and two tiny little cast iron cows.
Where do you put tiny tiny little cows?

Do you see them?
You really have to look to see them but they are a fun unexpected element!

Here are all the posts about this room if you are interested in watching the whole room evolve.
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Glam Room- Project One, The Closet
Glam Room- Making Cubbies and Painting
Glam Room- Looking Up
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Glam Room- Last of the Projects

At our house the kids get a kick out of being surprised by their finished rooms.  So the day I painted her room, Em wouldn't go in to it anymore until the grand reveal.
You may be wondering what Em thought when she finally got to see her finished room.
(OK not really cause who wouldn't love this room right?)
I will just let the look on her face answer that question!!!

I hope you love it as much as Em does!!
What's your favorite part?

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Last projects of the Glam Room

I just have a couple of projects to show you before I show you the entire room!!
 Em loves to draw,
(Shocker that my kid loves to draw!)
She mostly draws fashion pictures of outfits she creates.
So she needs a place to put up lots of her favorite drawings, with out pining them to the walls.
First I went looking for a large frame; I wanted lots of raised detail on the frame.
When I found this one for $6, it was a no brainer.

It came with this lovely cardboard picture!!
This thing is 28"x52" just to give you an idea of it's size. I popped out the picture and spray painted the frame white.  Next I hopped on down to Home Depot to pick up some sheet metal because my Lowe's doesn't carry large sheets of this.  If you choose to make one of these take a pair of gloves with you!!
All sheets of metal are not created equal, thus I felt I had to dig through the stack to find the best one.  (You know one with out creases or bends.)
In the process I tried to push a stack of the stuff and cut my hand right down the middle. 
Trust me, it was worse than it looks!

That's when I decided to ask if I could barrow the Home Depot guy's gloves.  He freaked at my bleeding hand and quickly got me a band aid and a pair of gloves. Then helped me look through the rest of the stack one at a time. 
(Pretty sure he thought I was bonkers!!)
Back to my project..... I took the very best piece of sheet metal home with my gloved hands and cut it to fit my frame.  I used tin snips. 
I thought about just leaving the metal plain, but felt the room had too many shiny surfaces, so I glued this awesome black glitter wrapping paper to the surface.  
Where do you get such a thing? 
 I think I bought it at Walmart last year when all the Christmas gift wrap went on sale. 
 I also bought a roll of pink and silver.  
I used the pink and silver to cover the generic but super strong magnets I bought at Lowe's.
I love how the whole thing turned out.

Last little project was a request of Emilee's.  She wanted an Eiffel Tower somewhere in her room.  Many ideas and thoughts were thrown around about how to incorporate this into her room, but one by one they were shot down for one reason or another.  As I neared the finish line I still didn't have this one request done.  I had long ago bought this gold shadow box with a pink chair in it at DI.  I thought it was darling, but Em didn't really like it.
  "Who wants a chair displayed like that," she said.
I broke the chair out of the box; it was glued in very well.  I searched for a small Eiffel tower and ended up buying a Christmas tree decoration of one.
 Black spray paint to the rescue!! 
I then lined the inside of the box with above mentioned silver glitter paper!!

I think it turned out great!!!
I will be back next time with the Room reveal!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

February Better Homes and Gardens is here!!!!

Have you seen it on the news stand or in your mail box? 
 Better Homes and Gardens February issue is out!! 
 I received mine and guess who is on the last page?

I am over the moon excited!! 
That's me in my office holding the magazine with me in my office!!!
My son asked if three years ago, I would have ever thought I would be in Better Homes And Gardens?  
No way, but here I am! 
 I am so grateful to my family for putting up with my love of building and decorating!! 
And to my Heavenly Father for giving me passions and a way to achieve them!! 

What do you think?
Thanks for sharing in this awesome moment with me!!
Thanks for stopping by!!