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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I am still Alive after my Great Escape!


After FOREVER I am back!

Let me fill you in on the last 5 months!!
Remember when my fairly new hard drive went out?
I spent about 4 months trying to recover the data off of it. All my videos and pictures from the basement were on there. I had so many people look at it, and try all the tricks they could think of, but I eventually exhausted all options; except sending it in and paying over $1000 to have everything physically taken off. 
(I can't afford or justify that.
So normally I would be freaking out at the loss,
but I was actually fairly calm over this whole process.
 I attribute that to my Heavenly Father giving me peace. 
I figured He wanted me to realize what was really important and was trying to teach me.
So I packaged up the old hard drive and sent it back to the manufacture, and waited for the new clean empty one to arrive.
One day my son was helping me with a new app on my phone and I stumbled upon a section of photos I did not know were on my phone. I had deleted pictures and videos
from one area but apparently not this area. And believe it or not, I found many of my missing videos!!
The Lord works in mysterious ways!

During this whole process we still kept plugging away at the basement.
 (If you follow my on Instagram or Facebook you have seen our progress.)
I found I had more time and less stress not having to get a post out every week.
I have had time to work through some things.
Here is what I found:

I am not a blogger.
I don't play the blogger game well, I am not into following a formula to get the most views and likes.
I am just me.
I love being a mother and wife and will always try to put that first.
 I love to build things, make things into something wonderful, create something from nothing, collect secondhand items and put them together to make a beautiful room, I see lovely things in junk. 
And I love to share what I do.
I like to help others who want something beautiful but can't afford it. 
I am never going to be a huge blog, and that's OK.
Instagram is an easier less time consuming way to share.

So where does that leave me and my blog?

I am not going anywhere, I am going to keep blogging. 
But my way.
I am going to create most of my posts in video form and post when I have something to share.
I love to answer questions and help others so I will try to share things that I am doing that may help or inspire you.

I am going to continue to post often on Instagram and Facebook and encourage you to also follow me there. 
I am so glad that you who have stuck with me are out there giving me encouragement and feedback. I have found so many people I consider friends through this blog and hope to find more!
I would love to hear what you think.

Hope ya stick with me as I continue on with my CRAZY DIYing!!
Which leads me into my video!
This video is part of filling in the gaps between our pieces of furniture to create the built in look.
We had about a foot and a half gap in the corner to fill. 
This video is about that gap.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Better Homes and Gardens Big News Plus Still Hoping

OK, we (meaning anyone I know with computer skills) have tried almost everything to recovery the pictures and video off my hard drive. We have one last option we are trying  so wish us luck!!
In the meantime we have continued to work on the basement and prepare for Christmas!

But I found out some news today that I could not  pass up sharing!!
Starting today on news stands everywhere you can check out a Specialty publication from Better Homes and Gardens called "I DID IT".

They picked their favorite I Did It stories and complied them into one publication. And surprise I was picked to be in it!!! I am suppose to be on page 65! I haven't seen it, but I am heading out to go check it out!! So let me know if you see it and what you think!!
Supper Excited!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Basement - More Detail and the Great Disaster!

Good morning!
I was so excited yesterday to be ahead of the game!
I had finished editing my video for this week and was ready to write this post.
That's when my computer froze up!
Nothing would work.
So I turned it off like most of us would,
it never came back on.
I called my tech guy who thought it a simple fix, until he got here and looked and looked at it.
He took the computer apart and checked all the cables and connections and put it back together multiply times.
The verdict?
My hard drive went out!!
It is not even a year old, there are not signs of electrical damage.
Just went out!
The best part is I didn't have enough money at the time I bought the computer so I didn't have a back up yet!
So enjoy this last video I made cause it may be the last for awhile.
All my most recent video clips and photo's of the basement are gone!
Here is the hope, 
that the hard drive was defective. That the manufacturer will replace it and recover my data. 
Otherwise there is just going to be a big divide between the video journey of our basement!!

Well enjoy this final video for now.
 Please be patient as I am using an others computer for this post.
There may not be any posts  for awhile as I try to get this sorted  out!!
Now excuse me as I will be drowning my sorrows at my favorite thrift store DI!