Thursday, August 27, 2015

Not Cool!

I have a favor to ask and a little bit of a rant!!
First I want to say that one thing I love about blogging is being able to share my ideas with others. I hope others will be inspired to try a project they thought they couldn't do. Or achieve the home they thought was out of reach for them! 
But there is some protocol in the blogging world. 
If you want to share something from my blog I am totally thrilled with that, as long as you share through appropriate channels, (example: Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, etc...) Or if you ask permission to use one of my photo's. 
If you are putting links back to my blog I almost always will grant you permission. 
When searching my own photo's on the Internet I found a blog who has stolen my photo's and tutorial. 

 They literally re posted my photo's and writings as if it was theirs. They did say at the bottom of the post that the idea and photo's were from me, but put no link. This is stealing my traffic.
This is not cool!!!
I have sent them several messages stating they do not have my permission to use my photos and to take the post down or contact me. I have yet to receive a reply.
So I am asking that if you have time to leave them a message. Click on this link. If they get a ton of messages from upset consumers I am hoping they will contact me or take the post down.
And today I found  that a blog called Before It's News,

who just copy and pasted two of my posts!
What the heck?
They said the articles were submitted by Batchelors Way. 
Um, I never even heard of them before today.
But they did at least have a link to my home page, but why would you need to go there when the whole post is right in front of you?
They however had a complaint form I filled out.  
We will see if they respond.

 I am flattered, but give me some credit and my due traffic.

Thanks in advance for listening and helping out.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Ash's sign

Even though I already posted Ash's room reveal, I wanted to show how we did a couple of projects. 
If you missed her Rustic Charm Bedroom Reveal, go check it out!
 Today let's talk about that sign above her bed!!
Since this is her room I wanted her to pick out the saying for her sign.
She picked out a saying by Audrey Hepburn,
 "Nothing is Impossible
the word itself says
 I'm Possible."
Ash also wanted to help with the sign, so she did most of this project with just a little direction from me.
1. Once she picked out the quote, we played around till we found the fonts and sizes we wanted for the words. Then we used my Silhouette and cut out the words. We used an old board I had in the scrap pile.
2.  We used up scraps of vinyl for this project; it didn't matter the color. We placed all the words on the board. We used painters tape to create an arrow.
3.  Using a small foam roller she painted over the letters and the board with splotches of blue and green. 
(Whatever colors we had.) 
You may notice the board we used already had some purplish paint on it. Once the colored paint dried we painted a couple of coats of white paint over the whole thing.
4.  After everything was really dry, she carefully pulled up the vinyl letters.
5. Letting the natural wood show through where the letters and arrow were. Then we went to town sanding and distressing. We really wanted it to look old.

Here is my Before and After photo. I know it looks like junk at first.
 But she loves the after!

Best part was that it was soooooo easy!!
And cost nothing, not to mention I used up some extra supplies that were just laying around in my way!!  Triple score!!

I love her choice of quotes and I just love her!  Good job baby!
What do you think?
What saying would you put on yours?
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Monday, August 17, 2015

Ash's reaction

Now that you have seen Ashlee's room, you must be dying to see if she even liked it. I mean all that work is not worth it if she doesn't care for the room.
 My kids have this tradition that they want to be surprised so they won't go in their room while I am working on it. 
When I am done we do a big reveal.
Follow the photo strip below to find her reaction of her first look at her room!!
I think it was a success!!
She loves it!

I loved doing this room for her, just thinking about how she would love this detail or that detail kept me going.  
I love this beautiful girl!!
Enjoy your room Ash!!

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