Monday, April 20, 2015

Rustic Charm Bedroom- Crown

Last part of Ashlee's built ins is adding the crown molding.
 I wanted the crown to go all the way a round the room. 
The crown that came with the arch barely covered the built ins, so I decided to use some other crown I bought at the ReStore.  
(If I find a good amount of crown molding I almost always buy it.)
  Any way, it seamed a little small scaled for the room. I like to use what I have so I just decided to beef it up.  Remember my stash of 16 foot MDF boards
Well, I used them again.  
I installed them flat on the ceiling around the perimeter of the room.
Next, I called Les in for back up,
 'cause crown molding is a two person job around here!!  

I primed and painted all the trim before I install it.  After it is in place I just caulk and touched up the seams and nail holes.  It's much easier than trying to paint the whole thing on the ceiling.

I am loving it!
Crown molding takes things to a new level; makes it seem nicer I think!!

Next time I tackle that ugly boob light!

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Rustic Charm Bedroom - Painting it up!!

I want to show you some more progress on Ashlee's room, but first I have to share some stuff!
So do you remember our Laundry room video that Houzz made?
Here it is again if you missed it.

I am kinda freaking out, it seems to have gone viral!!
When this post went live we had over 3.5 million views!!
I can't really wrap my mind around numbers like that.
Most of these views happened this last week!
Anyway, with this has come some interesting experiences.  
I live in a kinda small town, and almost everywhere I go I hear,
"I saw you on Facebook!"
My husband is doing some special training for a new project at work and all the training is done on line.  His trainer who is located back east, and who has never seen Les, sent him a message one morning.
It said,
"This is kind of a weird question, but I saw this video last night about this laundry room.  And the guy labeled the supportive husband was named Les Batchelor.  Is that you?"
When my husband responded,
 She said, "Yeah I know someone famous!"
We have had fun on this little roller coaster.  When you are exposed to that many people you also get those that aren't so happy with you.  I am right now one of the most controversial parents out there.  Even though this is about my laundry room, many comments are arguing on how we do laundry, how my children should so their own laundry, id they do enough other chores, that they are lazy, that we are selfish for having 6 kids.  It goes on and on!!
We have laughed for the most part at total strangers making assumptions and criticizing us, and other strangers for defending us. It has reminded me that we all need to realize everyone out there, especially parents, are doing the best that they can and we should not judge them.
Anywhooo it has been a fun ride!!!

All right enough of that!
 Thanks for letting me share!
Last time we talked about Ashlee's room the built ins were all built.
Next, I lightly sanded, cleaned and caulked everything so I could prime this baby!!
Caulking the joints helps make the built ins seamless and professional looking in the end.

Next, I primed everything.
  I have found when painting wood that has previously been stained, is is best not to try and strip the finish off.  Especially if you are painting it white.  The stained color leaks through.  If you just sand lightly and then use a good stain blocking primer for glossy surfaces, you get the best results.  
The photo collage below will point out a few other items of note.
1.  On the bottom of the built ins I didn't paint all the way to the floor.  This is due to the fact that I re-installed the baseboards and they covered the unpainted area.
2.  I also ripped out the drywall on the window sill so I could trim it out with a wood sill.
3.  I prepped, primed, and painted all the doors in the garage so I could get a really good finish.
I use a paint brush and a roller.  Brush the  insets and grooves first, then roll the smooth areas, which also gets rid of most of the brush marks.
4.  Once everything was painted and had dried for a day or two, I lightly distressed the built ins.  I did this because Ashlee requested it, and like I always say, "It is a kids room!! It is going to get distressed, so why not start that way!!"

What do you think?  I also painted the walls, can you tell?  They are painted Autumn Haze by Gliden.  I know it's very light in here, but I have lots of color planned for linens and book shelves so I just wanted a soft neutral back ground.

After everything was painted I installed the corbels I made.  I just used liquid nails and used my nail gun to shoot some nails from the top to stabilizing the corbels while the glue dried.
You may notice I installed the baseboards, completing the look.

What do you think?  We are almost done with these babies.  Can't wait to show you more.
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Monday, April 6, 2015

Brag Book!!!

OK it's time for me to brag about my awesome kids!
  I can't help it, the most important thing I do is being their MOM!
So here's me at my best bragging on my kids!!
The girls just finished months of rehearsal for the Junior High musical, Legally Blonde.
 They each had to try out and then spend long hours learning songs and dances, oh and their lines!!
First, Emilee had many parts. She was a sorority girl, cheerleader, and girl in a work out video.  I loved seeing her dance and sing on stage, she is such a beautiful girl.  I think it was a real confidence booster.  She has a lovely voice but a little shy about it.
(She's going to kill me for the dancing action shot below!!)

Ashlee had one part, but it was a supporting lead named Vivienne Kensington.  
She played a mean girl!!  
Anyone who knows Ash, knows this was far from who she is. 
 But she pulled it off.  Her friends were surprised that she could act that mean.
(That's good I think!)
Weirdest part was watching my little girl get proposed to on stage, and then kissing the dude!!
Thought Dad was a little shocked!!
(Since it was a stage kiss, I am still considering her un-kissed!!)

The best part of watching Ash was her solo.
  She surprised everyone by singing loud and clear.  Good job for my 13 year old actress.
I had to include a video, mostly for Grandma who lives far away and couldn't be here!!

I love watching my kids grow and develop their talents. 
 Each one tries new things and spreads their wings a little farther!! 

Love my two girls and so grateful to be their MOM!!

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